With the Euro’s and the lifting of restrictions we’ve had a bit of a delay in pod content but we hope to continue to steady get episodes out as the months roll by.


This episode we were joined by Ant Lehane to chat about drug policy in the U.K and what reform/legalisation would practically look like. Ant is Head of Comms for Volte Face and the Secretariat for the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform. Checkout their work on the links below 👇


Ant Lehane -


Volt Face -


Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform -


Morning Star Article -


Tribune Article -


Red Pepper Article -



With socialist candidate Pedro Castillo winning the Peruvian Presidential election, we re-invited Katerina and her friend and comrade Betty Rhaza from Movimiento Micaela Bastidas UK to discuss the importance of the victory.




June 11, 2021

Last Orders


Another monthly round-up of goings on in the world over the last month from Morgan, Dan and Jarrad:


🇵🇸 Palestinian Struggle


🇵🇪 Peruvian Elections


🍺 Brewdog - @PunksWPurpose


🚩 Unite Elections 


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We’re bringing State of the Union back after a short break. The spin-off series looks to discuss with trade union activist and organisers about ongoing disputes and talk about the UK trade union movement generally.


Dan and Jarrad were joined by Henry Fowler from Strike Map this week to talk about their incredible work since setting up the site in December last year. Below are all the links to Strike Maps social media pages and some of the resources Henry mentioned in the episode.




Strike Map:

Web -

Tw - @StrikeMapUK

Facebook - Strike Map UK


Strike Map Book Club:  (use discount code STRIKE30 at checkout)



Working the Phones - Control and Resistance in Call Centres



China Labour Bulletin:

Payday report:

Cornel Strike Map:


Notes from Below:


We were joined by Luke from Worcester City FC and SD Europe to again discuss the future of football. We thought we would do a little update after the dust has settled on the short lived European Super League.


If you haven’t listened to the previous episode please find it on the link below. This episode builds on some of the themes we talked about previously and we discuss how fans can continue to push for reform.




The Future of Football (Part 1)



SD Europe



Football Supporters’ Association


Dan and Jarrad sat down with Joe Ryle from the 4 Day Week Campaign to discuss the four day week, its benefits for workers and why employers around the globe are adopting it.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram




- Four Day Week FAQs


- Advice for Workers


- Advice for Employers


A really important chat with Matt Zarb-Cousin on this week’s episode. Matt’s campaign work within the gambling industry has been incredible and serves as a blueprint for all activists looking to force change in society.


Matt is the director of Clean Up Gambling & the Coalition Against Gambling Ads who both do incredible work.


As Jeremy Corbyn’s former spokesman we also had a short chat at the end of the episode about the current situation in the Labour Party.




Where to get support



Clean Up Gambling



Coalition Against Gambling Ads



How to Campaign for Social Change — and Win: By Matt Zarb-Cousin



The Gambling Act Review Is a Chance to Stand up to the Bookies: By Matt Zarb-Cousin


Thought we’d have a quick chat about the last 24 hours for Labour, their long-term decline and the future of the progressive politics. Lot to fit in for an off the cuff 50 minute episode but as always we give it a good go.




We’ve had a break but we’re gonna be back chatting regular shite for a few weeks again. We wanted to start back with a last orders and we go through Kill the Bill, the Derek Chauvin trial, Labour (again) and finish on a lovely bit of conspiracy theory chat.


Enjoy ❤️



March 28, 2021

Cuba Solidarity Campaign


Morgan and Dan dive into international issues again this week as they are joined by Rob Miller to discuss Cuba.


Rob is the Director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign which is a British organisation that campaigns against the illegal blockade of Cuba among a whole host of other things.


We chatted with Rob about Cuba pre and post revolution, the crippling effects of the blockade and discussed the incredible work Cuba continues to do under incredible external pressure.


Solidarity with the Cuban people in their struggle to be freed from foreign intervention 🇨🇺✊




Cuba Solidarity Campaign



CUBA: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism [Film]



Fidel Castro: The Untold Story [Film]



Maestra [Film]

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